Limited Release – ‘Das Bier IB-U42’

‘Das Bier IB-U42’ is a limited release collab brew between Prancing Pony (SA) and Brick Lane Brewing. This extremely limited release will see 42 Kegs of ‘Das Bier’ available to the public throughout Good Beer Week, GABS and Noosa Food and Wine Festival.


Brick Lane and Prancing Pony were inspired to collaborate through their love of German brewhouse technology and methods. When Brewers Frank and Jon got together they wanted to explore the capability of the best brewing kit in the world, modern ingredients and yet pay tribute to classic beer styles of the past. The “entirely possible co-incidence” was born out a beer bromance between Frank, Jon and their brewhouses and has delivered a supercharged hoppy festbier with a rich malt body from the decoction and showcasing glorious new German hop cultivars.


Tasting notes

‘Das Bier IB-U42’, legendary and masquerading as this extraordinary Imperial Pilsener. With its classic light golden colour, it immediately greets you with an intense hop aroma of fruity, citrus, floral and spicy notes. The initial maltiness shows off unimpeded like a dead calm sea, and who knows what lurks beneath. Who does?


Then suddenly, the hop flavour and the bitterness bubbles up, tantalising your taste buds. Raising late, yet assertively, like U42 blowing its hop ballast tanks, strong hop flavours take over. The bitterness keeps dancing on the malt for a seemingly never ending crisp dryness that wants you to go back for more.


Meanwhile, U42 quietly slips away to periscope depth. Oh dude, at 6.3%ABV and 42 IBU’s, it deceivingly maintains super-easy drinkability. Captain Eisenberg has outwitted us once more, delivering a hop torpedo of a new kind.


If you’re keen to get a taste of this special brew, it will be pouring at the following events:


FRIDAY 18th MAY – SUNDAY 20th MAY – GABS, Melbourne

SATURDAY 19th to SUNDAY 20th MAY – Noosa Food and Wine Festival



+ keep an eye out for further announcements on keg locations..